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4 Ways to Grow your Church Post COVID-19

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Prior to COVID-19, many churches had already embraced the benefits of technology and had begun a pivot to a digital mindset. Some churches had already made some sort of investment into their streaming platform both in terms of personnel and equipment.

When COVID-19 emerged, these churches were slightly ahead of the curve. It was easy for them to move their entire ministry to a digital experience. They remained engaged with their membership base and were able to expand their outreach and attract others to the message of their ministry through their live streaming experiences.

For other churches, it was a rude awakening. Many were completely taken off guard and for those that were willing, had to pivot to a digital mindset almost overnight. They scrambled to set-up a solution that would allow them to continue to engage with their members and provide meaningful content throughout the week while the nation was sheltering in place.

So, now what? Now that many churches have embraced the digital reality that we all find ourselves in, where do we go from here? Is this simply a temporary inconvenience that we can’t wait to be over? Or have we truly embraced the reality that we are indeed in a digital age?

Here are 4 ways to grow your church post COVID-19:

1. Develop a digital transformation strategy.

Churches that continue to be reactionary and unprepared will continue to find it difficult to compete with those who are prepared. Churches must be willing to proactively review and/or develop a digital road map for their future existence.

What do we want to accomplish? How do we best do that? What technology do we need too invest in? What personnel to we need to secure? These are all critical components to developing an effective Digital Transformation Strategy.

2. Invest in technology.

When COVID-19 hit, technology all of a sudden became an urgent necessity. Churches must build into their annual budget and invest in technology, both software and hardware. The last thing you want to happen to you is your computer crash while you’re in the middle of your live stream.

3. Stay educated on emerging technologies & trends.

Technology is developing at an alarming rate. Many churches have still not been introduced to things like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Augmented Reality. We tend to either demonize or avoid things that we don’t quit understand. As with any technology, it can be used to do horrible things or amazing things. It simply depends on the hands that the technology is in.

Churches must not continue to ignore these trends. They must become educated and seek to engage in meaningful conversation regarding the use of these technologies, the ethics of these technologies, and how they can be used to enhance and expand the ministry. 

4. Remain agile & open to new ways of doing things.

If COVID-19 showed us nothing else, we learned that the old way was not going to be sufficient going forward. Many churches had an ‘in-person’ only infrastructure. But when the nation had to shelter in place, the ‘in-person’ only infrastructure simply did not work. Churches had to adapt quickly. Some made the transition and are now seeing an increase in reach. Others have not yet adapted and are simply trying to wait it out.

Churches must be willing to be agile and open to new ways of spreading the gospel. The gospel is unchanging. The message of love, forgiveness, salvation, and holiness are all unchanging." -Keith Odom

However, the methods and means by which that message can be delivered will change as society and technology change.

If churches are going to continue to compete for the attention and time of its core member base, they are going to have to develop a "Post COVID-19 Mindset". Things simply will not return exactly to what they were before COVID-19.

Live streaming will be a key component in staying in front of your members to deliver your message. Here are 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Platform.

Keith Odom, CEO of


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